Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Gift of Opening Doors

I recently had a birthday. So I thought I'd give myself a gift. What did I want? Well, to tell you the truth, I don't really need clothes, or jewelry, or shoes, boots or purses. My husband said "absolutely no" to a puppy. So I thought, at this stage of my life, what would be symbolic and meaningful? A thought popped into my head. The kind of thought that I've learned to sit up and take notice of when they occur. And the thought was, "open doors".

AHA! That's it! The gift of opening doors! New doors, doors I've never thought of before. Doors I've never noticed before. Or doors that I've thought of, but was too afraid to open! Ooooooo, now this is something I can work with. I will give myself the gift of opening doors boldly and bravely.
For this year of my life, I will focus on doors.

Where to begin? That's easy. Right here in cyber-space. The vast unknown territory of computer-land. Since obtaining a website, and starting a shop on etsy, I've been opening new doors. Every door I've opened so far has led to new possibilities. How exciting! It's not such a big scary place afterall. I've already met some really wonderful people. Learned lots of new things that have led me to awesome places and even more wonderful people, which all encourages me to keep going, keep opening doors.

But, I must admit, not every door opens easily. Some, I can't find the keys to. Or the lock is jammed. Or I open the door, and it's very dark, or uninviting or a language is spoken which I don't understand. Or I don't know the password or the secret knock. That's ok, because I've learned that I can try a back door, a trap door or a fairy door. It's like one great big adventure, and I'm excited to see how many doors I'll open this year and what else I'll find.

The gift of opening doors. Probably the best gift I've ever given myself.