Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wool Felt Peter Pan Collar Tutorial

Well, hello you dusty little blog, you!  *swipes at cobwebs*

And so we meet long last.  It's not that I don't think of you.  In fact, truth be told, you haunt me.  What?  So why don't I post more often you ask?  Well, there are a hundred perfectly good reasons.

K.  Now that we've got that all settled....

Hey!  This was soooo cool!  Thanks to Etsy's new little Shop Stats toy, I noticed recently that I had lots of views on a particular listing in my shop.  So I scrolled around in the Stats and noticed in Top Traffic Sources a blog I'd never seen before:  "Honestly....WTF".  Really.  I didn't make that up.   Here's their link:

Upon further investigation I discovered the ladies at Honestly...WTF put together a tutorial to make a cute Peter Pan collar and linked to my shop for felt supplies.  Who knew that a Peter Pan Collar could be so cute the second time around??  Well, when a fashion powerhouse like Louis Vuitton decides that, yes indeedy, Peter Pan Collars are most definitely fashion-forward, trendy and worthy of runway status, you can bet your bellbottomed bippy that those collars are indeed the latest 'must have' accessory.

The tutorial was put together for an article for Lucky Magazine.  Man oh man, these chicks are *connected* and I'm so happy they linked to my humble little shop....

So scoot on over to Honestly...WTF, ( download the template and get started on your super-simple-Louis-Vuitton-Wanna-Be-Wool-Felt-Peter-Pan-Collar. that I'm thinkin about it, why the heck didn't Louis come to me for felt??? Hmmmm???  Louis?  Are you listening?  My felt is the feltiest wool felt, truly environmentally friendly, soft to the touch, gloriously gorgeous and a joy to behold. I realize you made yours out of who-knows-what, but next time Louis, how about thinkin outside the boring old linen or cotton box and come try FeltOnTheFly 100% pure merino wool felt.  Just sayin'.

And for the rest of you, imagine this sweet collar made in any of the 96 colors in my shop.  Personally, I'm thinkin' Camel... Maybe this would be the perfect gift for the girlfriend who has everything.... your grandma.... or, why not, even for a pampered pooch.  And for sure, anyone who carries a Louis Vuitton bag.... or reads Lucky Magazine...

; )