Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Art Fair Treasures

Today I needed an art fair fix. Didn't have to be a big fancy drive-far-away, get-there-early-stay-all-day event, just a casual stroll in a lovely park was what I was craving. And I found just the perfect thing. Just a little arts and crafts fair in a lovely neighborhood type park, on a perfect day: 70's, breezy, mostly sunny...ahhhhh, perfect. Just enough artists to keep it interesting, and the smell of kettle corn in the air.

Here are the lovely treasures that called out to me and insisted on following me home:

Hand painted vintage picnic tins. The lady who painted these told me that she wasn't sure about the orange, but she thought the colors looked "happy". I agree! I'll probably use these to hold sewing works-in-progress.

A fairy door made from clay. I talked to the man who made these doors and he explained the process. Unfortunately, I can't remember the details right now! Hey, it was a few hours ago, ya know...

And my love affair with Abraham Lincoln continues. In the form of a glass tile necklace.

I simply cannot pass up a hand-crochet dish cloth. What is it about these? I absolutely love them. From cotton yarn, in pretty colors, these are always my favorite. My kitchen drawer is stuffed with cotton crochet dish cloths, and yet, I always buy more whenever I see them. And the best part is talking to the lady who created them. They always understand. Yup. Women who appreciate a hand crochet dish cloth are kindred spirits, for sure.

And look at this a*d*o*r*a*b*l*e note card. I mean, who could pass up a sweet little hand made card with an unbelievably cute, teeny tiny, little PINK classic car on it???? I think I'll have to find a reason to thank myself for something, because I just don't know if I can bear to mail that card away!

Uh huh. Another fairy door. But, hey, it's a totally different style! That's my excuse, and yes, I'm sticking to it.

*sigh* I feel so much better now that I got my little art fair fix!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dottie Bag, Bridesmaid Gift

One of my favorite things to make are my Dottie Bags. I created this one recently to go along with a Proposal Pouch I made for a bride getting married in August. Her color scheme is "Pistachio Green". I thought it was so pretty combined with pink.

In Europe, a Dorothy Bag is a small drawstring bag that's used like an evening bag. My little pouch is a bit smaller, so I call it a Dottie Bag. (Made sense to me at the time.) This little pouch is large enough for small jewelry box, for wrapped candies, tea bags, a gift get the picture! What a sweet way to "wrap" a little gift. It's also the perfect thing to hold jewelry while traveling.

To see more Dottie Bags, take a look at my Flickr page:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not Everyone Has a Mantle!

Christmas Boots 001
Originally uploaded by Felt on the Fly
It's true. Not everyone has a fireplace and a mantle from which to hang traditional Christmas Stockings. If you need an alternative to tradition, perhaps this Christmas Boot would do. Because of it's size and shape, it holds as much, if not more, than a normal stocking. Sits on a table, the foot of a bed, the corner of the know, on any flat surface. This Boot was so much fun to design and I keep coming up with new ways to embellish them!

Yes, I know - it's ONLY July. But with all this Etsy talk of "Christmas in July" I just thought I'd show you these now. If you'd like to see more variations on this little theme, please take a look at my Etsy shop. More designs coming soon! Hmmmm, I'm thinking pirates...and feathers...and mermaids...and stars...and lace...

Treasury West, "Mine", by iluvlucy8

Now that I have the actual picture of "Mine" (iluvlucy8), you won't have to go searching for it!

I (have to) believe in learning as I go - if I waited to figure out everything first, I wouldn't be blogging for a few more years! So thanks for putting up with my pathetic blogging attempts. It might not be pretty, but at least I'm trying! Yup, my pride went out the window a looooooong time ago...

Treasury West, "Pink", by FashionTouch

Well, it was a big enough surprise to find out today that "Plaidius - A Cashmere Mouse" was featured in the Treasury West "Mine", by iluvlucy8, so imagine how I felt when Lori from DirtRoadSouth pointed out that my Pink Dottie Bag was featured in the Treasury West "Pink" by FashionTouch!

I could get used to this kind of attention in a hurry! Thank you again, iluvlucy8, and thank you FashionTouch.

And it sure was a lot of fun to actually be in the same treasury with DirtRoadSouth! Lori is the Queen of Treasuries with all of her whimsical jewelry, her wonderful book thongs and her beautiful mosaic work. To see Lori's shop, go to

Also, please visit:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Etsy :: Treasury West List

Etsy :: Treasury West List

Every time I'm featured in a Treasury, I'm totally amazed (not that it happens all that often, but hey, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while). Out of all the items on Etsy, somebody found one of mine, and somehow, it fit into their plan. Gotta love it, ya know?

And this little guy, Plaidius - A Cashmere Mouse, is one of my favorites. I hope he finds a good home pretty soon!

Thank you iluvlucy8 for creating this very pretty RED Treasury, and for including something from Felt On The Fly!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What a Sweet Surprise!

Wow. A present! It was a surprise. Completely unexpected. Right out of the blue. Never saw it coming. A sweet surprise. You know, the kind that makes you stop, momentarily confused, and say, "wait a minute, is there a mistake? Is this really for me? It's not my birthday." Followed immediately by an almost child-like feeling of delight when you realize, oh my gosh, how cool is that, yes, it IS really for me! It's a rare few moments, for sure. And just as delicious is the next rush of thoughts, "How did you know I'd love this so much?" "You are so very kind!" "How generous and thoughtful!" And the surprise you have received multiplies in it's value because of the simple act of a giving spirit.

I received a surprise package in the mail yesterday from Rafael. His Etsy shop is called My Tiny Studio. He sent me this adorable Star. It is made from fabric, stitched, stuffed, painted, sanded and painted some more - all by Rafael himself. The detail is incredible, and the little nose has got to be one of my favorite parts, along with those pretty blue eyes.

Rafael and I had talked about his Stars before, but I don't think that I mentioned to him why stars are so meaningful to me. When my son was small, he attended a Waldorf School. In the Children's Center (sort of like kindergarten), before the children are taught to read, each child is given a symbol. The symbol is used to mark their cubby, it's embroidered on their napkin, it's used in place of writing their name. My son's symbol was a star. And suddenly, that simple image appeared everywhere,in school and well beyond, including some amazing places. That star symbol, at certain moments, guided us in directions we might not have gone otherwise. That symbol took on a significance that even now, is pure magic.

I have been an admirer of Rafael's for a while now. He is imaginative, creative, talented and unique. Since I love whimsical things that appeal to my imagination, it's no surprise that his work really appeals to me. His kind, thoughtful and generous nature is, to me, inspiring. I think I will follow his lead and some day soon, suprise someone with the unexpected gift of glee.

Here's a few more pictures of the Star, along with one of Rafael's Fairy Dolls. I just love all the details, and the layers of paint, and the care that he puts into his work. Don't you? Take a look at MyTinyStudio at Etsy and see more of his talent there. (My apologies, I don't know how to put a direct link in here!)