Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not Everyone Has a Mantle!

Christmas Boots 001
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It's true. Not everyone has a fireplace and a mantle from which to hang traditional Christmas Stockings. If you need an alternative to tradition, perhaps this Christmas Boot would do. Because of it's size and shape, it holds as much, if not more, than a normal stocking. Sits on a table, the foot of a bed, the corner of the know, on any flat surface. This Boot was so much fun to design and I keep coming up with new ways to embellish them!

Yes, I know - it's ONLY July. But with all this Etsy talk of "Christmas in July" I just thought I'd show you these now. If you'd like to see more variations on this little theme, please take a look at my Etsy shop. More designs coming soon! Hmmmm, I'm thinking pirates...and feathers...and mermaids...and stars...and lace...

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momma rae said...

i think this is brilliant! we all have stockings made by my ex's step mother but i always wonder where on earth to hang them....given that we have no mantle! ;)