Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Look Back...

I haven't made the time to blog in a while, for several reasons. One of which is that I am certainly NOT a techno-gizzard by any stretch of the imagination and I find that doing just about anything on the 'puter often becomes a great source of frustration. I've got lots of ideas, and lots of things I want to do here in 'puter-land, but the skills are coming sloooooooowly and paaaaaaaaainfully. But I'm willing to take another stab at this bloggy thing.

I was just taking a look at Melissa's blog, (I'll bet there's a way to add a link to her blog - but for now you'll just have to do it the old-fashioned way). She lives in Colorado with some pretty cute little puggy type dogs and they've gotten lots of snow dumped on them recently. Her pictures are beautiful, and that reminded me of some pics I took back in February on a little ski vacation. So even though it's technically spring, it doesn't look like it in Colorado and we've seen no evidence of anything green yet here in Michigan - so I say it's not too late to post my own snowy pictures!

Michigan is an incredibly beautiful state and I really love having four very distinctive seasons. I took these pictures in the Habor Springs area, right along the shores of Lake Michigan. In the summer, this is a fabulous resort area where large yachts and sailboats come and people have amazing "summer homes". But in the winter, the sailboats are hoisted up for storage and the summer homes are closed for the season. It looks like some fabulous frozen-in-time abandoned town where all that's left are the woods and the wildlife. And of course, snow, frozen water, wind, and at night, the most beautiful star-filled sky...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Adventures of Pickles and Larry

Two friends. Their adventures.

A story told in just a few words.

Pickles and Larry.


"C'mon, Larry, you can do it!"

Pickles had the bright idea of grabbing Larry's tail to help himself get up the stairs a little easier.

----------------------The End --------------------------------

The serious one.
Pickles. Looks innocent.