Thursday, July 16, 2009

Treasury West, "Pink", by FashionTouch

Well, it was a big enough surprise to find out today that "Plaidius - A Cashmere Mouse" was featured in the Treasury West "Mine", by iluvlucy8, so imagine how I felt when Lori from DirtRoadSouth pointed out that my Pink Dottie Bag was featured in the Treasury West "Pink" by FashionTouch!

I could get used to this kind of attention in a hurry! Thank you again, iluvlucy8, and thank you FashionTouch.

And it sure was a lot of fun to actually be in the same treasury with DirtRoadSouth! Lori is the Queen of Treasuries with all of her whimsical jewelry, her wonderful book thongs and her beautiful mosaic work. To see Lori's shop, go to

Also, please visit:


Dirt. said...

oh wow! thanks so much for your kind words, janet. i'm so excited that we're in this gorgeous treasury together, and this post is like the icing on my very own personal cupcake. you rock! xoxo

Unique Women In Business said...

Isnt it so fun to find yourself in treasuries? Now lets hope they go to the Front Page!!!
Erin Keys