Friday, March 18, 2011

Wool Felt...Really!?

Wool that what you're looking for? Make sure that wool felt is what you're getting!

When I read a label, for example, on the front of a juice bottle and that label proclaims 'JUICE!', I expect...well, juice! Fruit juice! All juice. And nuttin' but juice! But is it ever really just juice? Closer inspection of the label on the back of the bottle will tell the sad tale...the contents are often a lot more than just juice. In fact, the amount of actual JUICE is minimal.

The same thing is true for WOOL FELT. That's a term that's tossed about willy-nilly and it drives me a bit bonkers. It happens far too often that a felt product is labeled WOOL FELT when, actually, it contains only a small amount of wool. Now I ask you...if the amount of fiber in a felt product is primarily something other than wool, does that felt product deserve to be called 'wool felt'? I think not...

The term 'wool felt' seems to me like it should be reserved for a product that is MOSTLY wool. As opposed to being mostly something else other than wool. I'm OK with the term 'wool blend'. At least you would know right up front that it's not pure wool felt.

So when shopping for wool felt, watch the fine print. Make sure you're getting pure, 100% wool felt and not a blend containing very little actual wool fiber. Or, better yet, just come visit Felt On The Fly at Etsy and know that you are at the premier source of pure, 100% wool felt - and nuttin but!

Oh, and did I mention the abundance of 96 gorgeous colors of wool felt (yeah, the really awesome 100% kind) available in my shop?!?!?


The Dishcloth Shoppe said...

Thanks so much for this! Who would have thought that wool wouldn't be wool! :)

momma rae said...

well said! wool felt...a subject close to my heart. ;)