Monday, November 28, 2011

'Tis the Season... Wherever You Go

"Wherever you go, whenever you can....Leave a gift."

I came across that sweet little sentiment a long time ago and I've never forgotten it.  Days get busy and I don't always find the time to be extra thoughtful, but considering the season, it's only natural to be in gift-giving mode.  Here in Michigan, winter is now here.  We've already had snow flurries and the air is clear and chilly; the night sky filled with stars...

Stars have been a special symbol for me since my son was born (nearly eighteen years ago!!) and in the spirit of giving, I'm offering a set of five die cut wool felt stars with every order in my Etsy shop.  Just mention 'Felty Twinkles' in 'Notes to Seller' upon check-out and a little gift of stars will be yours.

The stars measure 1 3/4" from tip to tip.  I know you'll think of a bazillion ways to use them...scatter them on your table, attach to ribbon for a garland, adorn a tree, use as a little gift tag, stitch onto a project...stitch two together and lightly stuff...tuck one in a loved one's pocket for luck....and of course, you could always use them to wish upon...

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