Friday, February 17, 2012

Thank you Clever Charlotte!

There's a great Winter Woolle Blog Series going on over at Clever Charlotte.  Erin (one half of theErin/Carla team that makes up Clever Charlotte - ummmm, maybe Erin and Carla are two-thirds of the team.  We shouldn't forget Charlotte, right??) invited me to write a blog post for the series and I was very glad to oblige.  I can *talk* a blue streak about all things felt, but when it comes to *writing* about it I usually freeze up (hence the skimpy quantity of posts on my own blog!).  But once I commit to something, I like to follow through, ya know?  So thank you Erin for the invitation which forced me - in the nicest possible way of course - to write something!

Erin and Carla design fabulous patterns for children's wear - very classic 'clothing patterns for modern children'.  They sell their patterns and even fabric kits for uber-convenience on their website. As a little added bonus, check out the 'Meet Charlotte' page on their site for a cute little story.  Not only are their patterns original and sweet, I love their consistent nod to the brand that is Charlotte : )

I hope you'll take just a minute to click on this link and read the post.  I was so very happy to share the limelight with a few of my customers who use my felty wool felt for their fabulous creations.  Featured along with me in the Clever Charlotte blog were the following Felty Friends:

Celina from GardenBirdie, USA:

Robyn from GiddyUpAndGrow, Canada:

Agah from MadeByAgah, Poland:

Sue from HuggerMuggerDolls, France:

and Lena, LenasShoePatterns, Bulgaria:

While Erin was putting together the blog post, she came across some gorgeous artwork which inspired us (with the artist's permission of course) to pull together the same color scheme in my felty wool felt.  Erin already had an idea rolling around in her head about what she would like to make using those colors, and I had an idea rolling around in my head too.... so, I'll leave you with this little teaser and a promise of a blog post with my finished project.  I hope to share a link to Erin's finished project as well!


KClark Photography said...

I caught your article at Clever Charlotte and was very impressed. Your own blog is looking Felty Fly delicious as well. Keep up the good work.


Cat Lady said...

Great blogging, felt!

JanetDavies said...

Lovely! Loved your very thoughtful article on Clever Charlotte's blog and I look forward to seeing what new goodies are comin' up here.

agaphcia said...


Sue Paine said...

Thank you Janet for selling such wonderful felt and I love the colours for your mystery creation! My latest felt arrived today and as always is lovely...back to the sewing machine!